4 in one
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Four in a Row | DIY | Unpainted | 4 in a row | Connect 4 | Kids Game | Wedding Game

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Hand craftmanship at its finest. Each board is constructed from finish grade Birch Plywood. Their unique design allows for a stronger and lighter board, making it easy to transport and store when not in use. Also, our boards look sharp when primed and painted. Quality product at a great price! Enjoy yours today!


  • The $140 price is for a complete set (1 Playing Board, 2 legs, 42 circle Discs)
  • Legs slide off for easy storage
  • All Plywood Construction
  • SIZE when standing 48″ wide X 43″ Tall
  • Unfinished

Weddings | Back yards | Parties | get togethers | family fun

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